Why Affordable Loans?

Everyone at affordable loans is here to provide you with better, alternative lending choices; and therefore by increasing your access to affordable credit we aim to do just that. And so...our affordable loans journey began.

It has been estimated that within the UK, over 6 million of us and our families are accessing high cost, short-term loans on a regular basis; which just goes to shows that sometimes our income just isn’t enough each month to cover our needs.

In order to achieve our aim of increasing your access to affordable credit, we went and talked to Credit Unions and CDFIs across the country to do just that, enabling you to access money at more affordable rates; whilst also pointing you in the right direction for helpful debt advice too with our partners at StepChange Debt Charity.

Why are we different?

We’re on a mission to create a nation of financially happy customers.

Too many of us are turning to high cost, short term loans. Whether your growing family is in need of a new car, or a broken household appliance has left you with an unexpected bill, our established Community lenders provide you with another way to access affordable loans.

Our loans are provided by community lenders who put people before profit and who are there for you for the long term to help you to progress in life with less debt and more savings.

Needless to say, you can be assured that each of our community lenders are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and can be found on the Financial Services Register.

Why choose an affordable loan?

You could save up to £300 with an affordable loan from one of our established responsible lenders.* Get a quick quote in just 5 minutes.

Who We Are

*This is an example saving from one of our Affordable Loans partners. You can access a quote from your local community lender to see how much you could save by visiting the Affordable Loans website

£500 from Provident Financial – paid back over 52 weeks:

£17.50 per week
£910 repaid in total
272.2% APR

£500 from Affordable Loans partner Manchester Credit Union – paid back over 52 weeks:

£11.50 per week
£597.02 repaid in total
42.6% APR
Total saving £312.98